VR Network

VR Network

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How to use this template

This template is designed to show realtionships between nodes in a network visualized in a 3D space, and viewable in VR on mobile devices using Google Cardboard headsets.

Data requirements

This network requires two data tables. The first are the nodes. Each row represents a node in the network and requires an id, rank, and name, an optional category column can be included. The second are the links, which require a source, the id of a node to draw the line from, a target, the id of a node to draw the line to, and a value, quantifying the relationship between the two. Finally, an optional categories table can be used to customize the color of the nodes based on their category column.


  • You can edit the logo, title, description, and add your own google analytics tracking id in the Flourish interface.
  • Node, link, cursor, and horizon colors can all also be customized.
  • Nodes which are not linked to any other part of the network, and links which have a non-existant source or target will be ignored.


Created by Pitch Interactive and Google News Lab.

API information

Explains to developers how to use this template with the Flourish Live API.

template: _218

version: _87


Logo. Data URI of Logo at 1024 x 256 pixels

gatid string

Google Analytics Tracking ID.

title string

Title. Visualizaiton title

description text

Description. Introductory and explanatory text


basicNodeColor color

Default Node Color. The default basic node color if category colors are not set in data

adjacentNodeColor color

Default Adjacent Node Color. The default adjacent node color if category colors are not set in data

highlightNodeColor color

Default Highlight Node Color. The default highlight node color if category colors are not set in data


linkInboundColor color

Inbound Color. The color of links to shows also searched for

linkOutboundColor color

Outbound Color. The color of links to related searches


cursorInnerColor color

Inner Color. The inside ring of the Cursor

cursorOuterColor color

Outer Color. The outside rings of the Cursor

cursorActiveColor color

Active Color. The color that indicates the cursor is selecting an element

cursorOpacity number

Opacity. The opacity of the cursor

Max: 1


legendInboundLabel string

Inbound Label. Legend Label for inbound links

legendOutboundLabel string

Outbound Label. Legend Label for outbound links


horizonTopColor color

Top Color. The color of the sky

horizonBottomColor color

Bottom Color. The color at the horizon

horizonExponent number

Exponent. The amount to blend top and bottom colors

Max: 1