US Congressional Districts AR

Interactive Tilegram map of US House Districts with Orientation Controls

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How to use this template

This template is designed to show election results by Congressional district for the United States House of Representatives. States within the map can be selected by moving the camera using a cursor or the orientation controls on a mobile device.

Camera Requirements

Users of mobile devices will be prompted for camera access. This is not required but enhances the experience. In order for access to be allowed this visualization must be served over https.

Data requirements

This visualization requires one data table. Each row represents a candidate, their district, state, party, and percentage of the vote recieved. Within a given district the candidate with the highest percent value will be displayed as the winner.


Created by Pitch Interactive and Google News Lab.

API information

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version: _5


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Democratic color

Democratic Color. Color used for Democratic Districts

Republican color

Republican Color. Color used for Republican Districts

Other color

Other Color. Color used for Other Districts