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How to use this template

How to use this template

This template is ideal for showing possible misconceptions, by comparing users' answers with statistical data.

Data requirements

This template consists of 2 sheets. One question sheet, and optionally a score sheet.

At the most basic level, you just need questions and settings for a slider. This can be specified in the questions sheet. If you have data that you want to compare the user's answer with, you can add those in separate columns.

If you'd like to show feedback after answering a question, or show a "correct" answer next to the comparisons. You can do this in the "scores" sheet.


  • If you want to show different feedback for a range of answers, you can use < or > to capture all the answers below or above a certain number.
  • You can change and translate all the text in this visualisation via the settings panel
  • You can specify the default comparison in the settings panel


Created by the Flourish team. The sample data in this project come from FAO