Projection map (beta)

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Make data maps with region-shading and/or points. Adapt an existing example or upload your own geographic boundary file.

Projection map

Make thematic maps using a range of projections with your own geometric data.

Data requirements: Regions

Create shadeable geographic regions by uploading your own map data in GeoJSON format. The file should contain a FeatureCollection with each feature being a Polygon or MultiPolygon in unprojected (WGS84) coordinates. Each feature will become a row in the datasheet with the geometry in the first column and metadata (properties) in subsequent columns.

The metadata can be used for shading regions to make a choropleth map. Additional data from a separate source (an xlsx or CSV file) can be added using the merge option when importing data as shown below and in the video at the bottom of the page.

Animation showing how to construct a datasheet for making a choropleth map

Data requirements: Points

Alongside regions, one can also draw points. For Points data the template requires one row per point with at least a column for longitudae and a column for latitude (both in decimal degrees). In addition, it is possible to shade points by (categorical) value and/or size points by (numeric) value.


  • Remove a region from a visualisation by deleting the corresponding row in the Regions datasheet.
  • Choose from over 40 different map projections in the Projections panel. In advanced mode the map can be centred around any point on Earth.
  • Use the Meta data for popups column selection boxes to add additional data to popups.


The default points data comes from the GeoNames dataset of cities with populations of above 150,000,

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