Parliament chart

A visualisation that positions dots in a hemicycle shape. Useful for visualising parliament layouts.

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How to use this template

How to use this template

This template is ideal for showing the number of parliament seats owned by each party. It provides you with the ability to examine the difference in seats held between two elections, with an option to have a nice animation when displaying the change. The chart is accompanied by a table and a legend, both of which are optional. The table provides a summary of the seat change between the two elections. The legend on default is turned off, but can be added, and has a mouseover effect when hovering over one of the party names. The chart will also flip vertically on mobile.

Data requirements

You must have at least two columns. One with the party name, and another with the total number of seats for the current election. There is also an optional column which can represent the previous election.


  • You can adjust the number of seats in the parliament chart to your liking. By default, the number of seats is at 650, but you can change it to 435 seats, for example, if you're making a chart about US parliament seating.

  • Tweak the colours with the Automatic colour scheme, or change the colour for one party, or all the parties with the Custom party colours.

  • You can add/remove the table, the legend, the buttons, the animation.


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