Map: London wards

Map of London wards, with optional shading, points and popups

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How to use this template

How to use this template

A template for thematic mapping: shade the regions by one dataset and/or plot scaled circles at specific coordinates from another dataset.

Data requirements

To shade regions in the map according to data requires a datasheet containing a column of relevant Region names and one or more columns of Values. The names should match those in the corresponding column in the sample data (differences in case and other minor character details are ignored when matching). The Values can be numbers or plain text.

To add points to the map requires four columns of data. One should be a column of Point Names and one a column of Point Values. On top of this, the template requires latitude and longitude values so that points can be positioned at the appropriate location on the map.


  • For numeric Values, you can choose to shade a sequential scale that goes from light to dark (or vice versa) or a diverging scale that goes from one dark colour to another via a light central point. These scales can also be continuous or discrete, with customisable end points and breaks.
  • For textual Values (such as victorious political parties or favourite band of chocolate bar), you can use a predefined or custom set of categorical colours to shade a map.
  • If you select more than one column of values for either points or regions, a control is added to the page, allowing you (and viewers of your visualisation) to switch between datasets. The form that control takes can be changed in the Controls settings panel. You can choose between a dropdown menu, buttons and a slider.