Horserace chart

A “horserace” or “bump” chart to show changing rank over time

Updated 4 months ago to v4.0.3 by Flourish team

How to use this template

How to use this template

This template is ideal for showing the changing fortunes of candidates in elections, football teams, etc. It provides two modes, and allows you to animate between them: a line chart, which plots the raw values in the data, and a “bump” chart, which computes and plots the ranks.

Data requirements

Each row after the header row should be a participant in the race – such as a politician or team. There should be a column for the participant’s name, and multiple columns for the “stages” in the race (week, day, hours, etc). Each stage is plotted at an equal width on the x axis.


  • You can add a photo or image for each competitor by putting the URL of an image file in the relevant column in the spreadsheet. Use small images to avoid loading delays.
  • In the settings panel, you can decide whether to show scores or ranks, or to reveal buttons to let the viewer see both.
  • In the Flourish story editor, try clicking on the axis labels to show different stages of the race in different slides.


Created by the Flourish team, inspired by Google News Lab. Want to see additional features? Let us know at Developers can also submit a pull request.