Frame map (USA states)

Map of USA with ‘framed rectangles’ conveying data. Based on figure in paper by Cleveland and McGill.

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How to use this template

USA framed-rectangle template

A template based around Cleveland and McGill's framed-rectangle alternative to a choropleth map. Sample data (which matches and updates the original data) comes from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

API information

Explains to developers how to use this template with the Flourish Live API.

template: _103

version: _2

Text & nav

textCol color

Colour of text annotations.

title string


mode string

Column browser style. Choose from [[Slider]] or [[Buttons]]. Ignored if you've only selected one column.

Frames & bars

outlineWidth number

Width of the frame border.

outlineCol color

Colour of frame outlines.

boxFillCol color

Colour of frame interiors.

dataCol color

Colour of data.

duration number

Duration. The duraiton of the animation in milliseconds

Map colors

seaCol color

Colour of sea.

landCol color

Colour of land.

lsCol color

Colour of external borders.

stateBorderCol color

Colour of state borders.