Chord diagram

A chord diagram template. Lets you visualise connections between two entities.

Updated 3 months ago to v2.2.0 by Flourish team

How to use this template

How to use this template

This template is useful for showing relationships and the flow to and from values. It gives the option to color the chords as linear gradients or have the chords filled based on the source which is determined by the bigger flow.

Data requirements

There must be three columns. The first specifies the values from, the second specifies the values to, and the third is the count (a numerical number describing how many flows there were).


  • You can change the color based on your needs. By default it is a gradient but you can also use a fill colour. The fill colour is based on the biggest value.

  • If your text label is overlapping and your label alignment is "Along Arcs" your overlapping text label will not show up. This might be convenient for you, but you can also flip the label 90° that way your label won't overlap and will show up.

  • Chord diagrams can be difficult to understand so make sure to add an appropriate title. You can also add a popup to make it easier for the user to understand.

  • Flourish allows you to export an SVG. Do this if you want to add annotations in your favourite vector editing program.


Created by the Flourish team. Sample data from Crazy for Friends. Want to see additional features? Let us know at